Sanitize 10-Pack ANTI-MICROBIAL Cleaning Wipes


KEEP CLEAN-  Our electronic devices are such a vital part of our daily lives, we probably don’t even notice how often we touch them. To help you keep your devices clean and minimize the spread of germs, Sanitize Disinfecting Wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol* can be used to sanitize phones, tablets, remote controls, and other nonporous surfaces like light switches and doorknobs.

REMOVES DIRT & GERMS- Effectively removes dirt & germs our disposable Sanitize disinfectant wipes will clean your lenses and screens from all dust and germs without leaving streaks and glares

SINGLE-USE PACKETS-  Individually wrapped Sanitize disinfecting disposable wipes allow you to take them with you anywhere keeping them fresh & moist until ready for use

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